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Doctrine and Covenants: 35

13 Wherefore, I call upon the aweak things of the world, those who are bunlearned and despised, to thresh the cnations by the power of my dSpirit;

14 And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their ashield and their buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully for me; and their benemies shall be under their feet; and I will let cfall the dsword in their behalf, and by the efire of mine indignation will I preserve them.

15 And the apoor and the bmeek shall have the gospel preached unto them, and they shall be clooking forth for the time of my coming, for it is dnigh at hand—

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey everyone! Things are going rather swell here in Escazú. But, I have to answer some questions before saying what's new.
I've had a few health problems so to answer one question, yes, I'm now feeling a lot better =) About my new comp: He's really friendly and is funny. He's from Guatemala City (close) and he has 10 months in the mission. He is a good teacher and really loves the people, all in all, a good missionary. My apartment? It's pretty nice, I've got a comfy chair =) Supposedly it's been haunted by ghosts (we live close to cemeteries) but it's been blessed several times so I don't think that we'll have problems. And yes I'm still "in san jose". My area is about 30 minutes out of San Jose. There are lots of gringos here. In church yesterday I think that about 1/3 of the congregation was gringos. Even the bishop is a gringo. We are surrounded by mountains here and now that the rain has started it's been a little cold. So yeah, I think that answers all the questions. Oh, and happy birthday Brielle =)
So this week I was pretty much just getting to know the area. We didn't have many lessons because they made me teach english classes too.... So that used a lot of our time. We also had a few service projects so that took time away too. But in the end we were able to find a couple new investigators and also put some baptismal dates. I think we should have a baptism this next week =) His name is Martin, he just needs to recieve one answer in prayer to one question and he will be baptized =) He just has a little doubt about baptisms for the dead. We already answered with scriptures and he's almost convinced =) Anyway, that's almost all my time I have to write.
To end I just wanted to congratulate those who have started to work more in family history, you are saving lives on the other side =) Good work =)
Love you all, talk to you next week!

-- Elder Black
P.S. There's a new sister missionary in my area (gringa) so I have to help translate quite a bit, it's pretty fun to remember how it was when I didn't know much =)
     Elder Hunter Black   
   Costa Rica San José   

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