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Doctrine and Covenants: 35

13 Wherefore, I call upon the aweak things of the world, those who are bunlearned and despised, to thresh the cnations by the power of my dSpirit;

14 And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their ashield and their buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully for me; and their benemies shall be under their feet; and I will let cfall the dsword in their behalf, and by the efire of mine indignation will I preserve them.

15 And the apoor and the bmeek shall have the gospel preached unto them, and they shall be clooking forth for the time of my coming, for it is dnigh at hand—

Monday, August 19, 2013

This and That

Hey everyone!

So to answer questions... I had another bad birthday =( Long story short, my comp was mad (I didn't know why) so he didn't even talk to me (not even to say "happy birthday"). And we didn't do anything else... just argue. And that was our ward mission leader that bought the cake (for Elder Revell and I, if you remember it was Elder Revell's birthday the 14th)... Yeah, it was a pretty rough day, but that's all behind now. And yeah, we're all getting along good now, they are all awesome. And I can't believe that you are already going to start school again, and what the heck? Parker in high school?! I'm glad I won't be there =) Oh, and congrats on all that stuff you guys have done, and mom, just tell them to stop being so lazy and just do something.

Anyways, we didn't do that much on Wednesday or Thursday because of... stuff that happened. Then on Friday, the 16th, we had a party for Mother's Day (here it's always on August 15 if you didn't remember, so we had it a day later). Everyone in the church was invited, and also investigators and more. They had asked that we, the missionaries, participate. They had put us to be the last ones. Well, we saw everyone singing hymns, or they had made videos, or played instruments, and it was all spiritual. We even had an investigator that recited 2 poems that she wrote. So Elder Luna and I were getting kinda nervous, cause we had just planned something to entertain. (the 4 of us elders are assigned to the same ward, remember, Elder Elvira is my comp). Well, we got up and got ready to do... the midget act (Elder Luna did the arms, and me the head and legs) while dancing to the song "Book of Mormon style" a parody of gangnam style. Everyone was dying laughing their heads off. It was pretty awesome. Then on Saturday my comp had some pain in his lower stomach. But we just worked like normal. We were actually able to find some new people by knocking doors, Elder Elvira told me it's not possible here, but I told him that within 30 minutes we were going to find 2 people... and we did =) Then on Sunday we went to church and Elder Elvira had a lot more pain, so we called the nurse and she told him to wait one more day, but told him to rest all day... so that was boring, we played UNO for about 3 hours. Then today, I got somebody to stay with my comp cause he doesn't feel good, and I went bowling. I made everyone laugh a lot, it was fun. I was bowling with much style. We decided to make "The District 3 - P-Day's" it was hilarious. And then I came here, and just now found out that my comp is going to the hospital to find out what's wrong... and they hadn't even called me to ask... so now I'm stuck here with the other 2 elders, not knowing what's going on...

Oh, and to answer another question, mom, they have a pianist here (not that great) so I still don't play the piano.

Yep, anyways. Love you all!

--Elder Black

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