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Doctrine and Covenants: 35

13 Wherefore, I call upon the aweak things of the world, those who are bunlearned and despised, to thresh the cnations by the power of my dSpirit;

14 And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their ashield and their buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully for me; and their benemies shall be under their feet; and I will let cfall the dsword in their behalf, and by the efire of mine indignation will I preserve them.

15 And the apoor and the bmeek shall have the gospel preached unto them, and they shall be clooking forth for the time of my coming, for it is dnigh at hand—

Monday, September 9, 2013

An Interesting Week...Again!

The mission is still pretty weird right now, there are a lot of things happening, but like normal, I have to answer questions first.

To answer the first question, I ended up having emergency changes... again. So I am now in my fourth area... San Rafael! I am still here in Heredia, just another area in this zone. I was in Heredia II/Barva for 3 weeks, then I went to San Francisco I for a week (as a trainer), and now I'm here in San Rafael. All are here in Zona Heredia. My new comp is... a gringo... Elder Garrett! Yeah, the same Elder Garrett that I started with in Naranjo, I am now in San Rafael de Heredia with him. No, we haven't all gotten cell phones yet, and I don't know when we will. I haven't gotten my stuff yet, but I did call Marialena to organize how I'm going to get it. So I'll get it this Saturday.

Ok, so now to what happened this week. On Monday I was informed that my comp, Elder Elvira had to go to the hospital for treatments, so I was going to be with Elder De Leon until Friday, more or less. Then Tuesday we talked to the zone leaders and they said that they had to cover my area, so we planned to do divisions Wednesday so that I could show them where to go. Tuesday, we learned that a girl that we had been teaching wanted to get baptized! The family told me that I had really helped in that process so I was really happy. We had a great day with 6 lessons, and that really good news. Then I called the zone leaders to ask how we were going to do the divisions, and they just said, "Elder Black! Esta animado?! Tiene cambios de emergencia!!!" "Elder Black! Are you excited?! You have emergency changes!!!" Me: "Seriously... again?!" Them: "Yeah, you are going to San Rafael with Elder Garrett!" Me: "Seriously? I was already with him before." Them: "Yeah, well you get to be with him again, so come to the house, pack all your things and get ready to leave first thing in the morning." So I went and packed and all that jazz. So then I came here to San Rafael with Elder Garrett and just got to work. It's kinda cold here, I'm in a branch again that's going to need some work, but that's what I'm here for right? So yeah, just like in my other letters, I'm just getting to know the area, so I don't really have much to say. It's pretty cool being with a gringo cause we can talk in English, make movie quotes, jokes, and more! And, being together another time, I can actually do more than just sit there in the lessons, we can work together now. So it's all good.

Well that's my interesting week for you all. Love you! 

-- Elder Black

   Elder Hunter Black   
 Costa Rica San José   

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