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Doctrine and Covenants: 35

13 Wherefore, I call upon the aweak things of the world, those who are bunlearned and despised, to thresh the cnations by the power of my dSpirit;

14 And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their ashield and their buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully for me; and their benemies shall be under their feet; and I will let cfall the dsword in their behalf, and by the efire of mine indignation will I preserve them.

15 And the apoor and the bmeek shall have the gospel preached unto them, and they shall be clooking forth for the time of my coming, for it is dnigh at hand—

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Week

So this week was kind of average, so sorry if you were looking for something interesting.
We spent a lot of the week doing service. We were helping Alis, who was going to be baptized, to set up a "soda" (sorry, I can't think of the word) or, a place where somebody sells food, kind of a fast food restaurant, just that it's not a fast food chain, just an indivdual (for his wife, Argentina). Anyways, we really wanted to spend a lot of time with him to get him ready for baptism. Good news = we finished the "soda" Bad news = He can't get baptized yet... He's awesome and has the desire, but because of some circumstances he can't get baptized quite yet =( But other good news, they opened up their soda and it's cheap so we can eat there often =) But yeah, basically we spent our week trying to get him ready for baptism. The good news is that we have some other people that should be getting baptized within the coming weeks, we are hoping to have at least 3 baptisms this month. But time is flying, I don't know that we'll have the time to get this people interested! That's one of the difficulties that we've been having... commitments, many times people don't realize why they should be doing the things that we ask them, so we have to try time and time again to get them to understand. We are working with a lot of new investigators, we realized that we needed to drop several of our current ones, so we are trying to get references to be able to work more. But that's about all we did this week, I would say that it was still a success, Alis is going to get married this Saturday even though he can't get baptized, they want to keep the commandments, so I'm happy about that. I'll talk to you all later!
¡A Cachete!

--Elder Black

Please pray for the following individuals:  Thanks!

Claudia and her kids - passing through hard times, but has gone to church and wants to be baptized.
Andrea - 19, a little crazy, has the desire to keep learning
Alberto - 17, is ready, but his mom won't give him permission
Maria Jose - 14, her friend is a member, already goes to seminary and does her Personal Progress 
   Elder Hunter Black   
 Costa Rica San José   

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